June 14, 2019

BC Texture Pack Manager

Hello Critters!
Today I'm going to show you another great tool that can extend your enjoyment of Box Critters. The tool I am talking about is called Box Critters Texture Pack Manager, and it is pretty neat. Unlike Critters+, Box Critters Texture Pack Manager doesn't require you to download Tampermonkey, as it is an extension/add-on for Chrome and Firefox.

What does it do?
BC Texture Pack Manager allows you to change the sprites of Box Critters, like the room backgrounds and the Hamster.
How to install
Go to the Chrome Webstore and search for "Box Critters Texture Pack Manager".
Click "Add to Chrome" and it will install to your browser.
Go to the Firefox Add-ons-market and search for "BC Texture Pack Manager".
Select BC Texture Pack Manager and click install, and it will get installed to your browser.
How to add texturepacks
To add a texturepack, go to the Box Critters Modding Community and select Texture Packs.
Now select a texture pack you want.
Now copy the installation-code you find here
Open BC Texture Pack Manager and click Add
Put the code into the box and click Install
Now you can select it and enable it
And it works! Nice. :D

Thanks for reading, hope you found this mod interesting.

Outer Space

Sorry for not posting in two months, but there is really not many news in Box Critters recently, excluding the new Star Ship Bridge and the lizard-monsters Zolt, Zerg and Zork.

April 20, 2019


Hi critters!

Today I found a pretty neat little tool called Critters+. It basically allows you to do some neat stuff, like telling jokes (like in CP) and collect all the items. It also allows you to do other things like disabling chat bubbles and nametags with a button click. (instead of the boring chat commands)

All in all, pretty neat.
In order to install it, you need to download Tampermonkey from the Chrome Webstore or the Firefox Market.
After you do that, you go to the url here and Critters+ will be automatically installed.
Heres how the interface looks: (keep in mind, it's still in early development, and new features are coming soon)

It looks pretty basic at the moment, but I'm sure the developers will make it more appealing to look at. Oh, and it also has a Dark Mode, which is a very good feature.

That's all critters!

April 19, 2019

Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Yesterday we saw the start of the annual (maybe) Easter Egg Hunt! The first event on Box Critters! I was running around trying to find eggs, and oh boy did it take long! I think I had to run around for around an hour before I got the eggs and the Bunny Ears! I took a picture to show you how hectic it was:
That's what 200 hamsters running around a Tavern looks like! I thought I'd never see it with my own eyes. 😄

Hope you enjoy the rest of the Easter Hunt!

April 17, 2019

Experiment Two and Items

First of all, sorry for again not posting in a while.

We have seen the start of Experiment 2, and 12 items has been given out so far.
I was lucky to take part in giving out one of the items, the Paper Hat, because I am a moderator for the Box Critters Wiki and we were allowed to give it out for promotion. (shameless plug, go edit there)
The Paper Hat.
The codes are as following, copied directly from the wiki:
The codes.

There has also been two free items, and a new one gets given out every week.
The two items that has been given out these past weeks is the Blue Toque and the Inside Out T-Shirt.
The Blue Toque and the Inside Out T-Shirt.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post.
If theres more news I'll keep you updated.. maybe


March 20, 2019

New Hamster-sprites and Viking Helmet in-game

Hi everyone!

Theres new sprites for the Hamsters, and now they have their mouths closed, and sports some gentle smiles instead. Lance also now has his Viking Helmet in the game.
The new sprite
The new Hamster sprite-sheet is located here, and the Viking Helmet is located here.
Lance wearing his Viking Helmet in-game
We can not get our hands onto the Viking Helmet without modifying the game at the moment, because the game forces Lance to wear the helmet, and nobody else can.
The code
That's all folks!

March 06, 2019

Viking Helmet

The iconic Viking Helmet from Club Penguin is getting a comeback in Box Critters!

Lance teased this 15s video showing the Viking Helmet yesterday, and I must say, it looks pretty nice!

March 03, 2019

Clothes and Colors

Sorry for not posting for a while, I haven't had time to post.
Now, onto the news:

There is clothes being made for Box Critters, and Rocketsnail has shown two of the outfits being made, and a new sock-monkey critter.
The two outfits that has been shown, a pirate outfit and a kung-fu outfit.
Lance is also remaking the hamster-animations to support clothing, and has shown a pink version of the raccoon.
A pink Raccoon and a Hamster.
I am very hyped for the updates, and I'm looking very forward to the second experiment.
Let me know what you think about this in the comments.

February 18, 2019

New Box Critters-site

A new Box Critters-site was launched yesterday.
It uses Bootstrap, and looks pretty good.

A weird thing I found was that the game-window was unusually large, covering more than the entire screen. This was however fixed within a day.

Tell me what you think about the new site in the comment section!

February 17, 2019

What's happened so far on Box Critters

To start off the new blog, I will tell you about everything that has happened on Box Critters so far.

Lance first teased concept art for the Tavern January 12th, 2019.
The first experiment's link was leaked February 8th 2019, and was made public February 9th, 2019.
Screenshot from the first experiment.
This experiment is very popular and had a lot of players at the start.
February 9th Drivr3joe's interview with Rocketsnail was uploaded, and in it we got teased an upcoming critter, the Raccoon.
The upcoming Raccoon-critter.
That's all that has happened so far.
I will be sure to tell you guys if something more comes.
All images are either taken by me or Rocketsnail, unless stated otherwise.
Reuse allowed if credited.